We Believe:

We believe that everyone has a duty to vaccinate their children, not just for the sake of that child’s health, but in order to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Maine’s childhood vaccination rate is one of the worst in the nation. This has already led to dangerous outbreaks of whooping cough and chicken pox in daycares and schools. It makes us vulnerable to potentially serious outbreaks of diseases like measles, like the ones already occurring in other states. 

Maine Families for Vaccines PAC defends public health in Maine. We promote safe schools and healthy communities by advocating for legislation that protects children and individuals from vaccine-preventable disease.

In 2019, our volunteer parent-led grassroots group successfully lobbied for LD 798, which removed religious and philosophical exemptions to school-required immunizations. We were awarded the Maine Public Health Association’s President’s Award, its highest honor, for our work to protect public health.